LESS THAN 4 - Fucked Up Kid

Less Than 4 the new Swedish Rock sensation are gearing up for the new single ro their critically acclaimed debut album “By Blood By Heart” The title of the single is “Fucked Up Kid” and sums up the situation of being in a rock and roll band.

The single is produced by Rikard Lövgren (Deathstars, Enforcer, Sparzanza, Vomitory) and was chosen by fans from a Facebook competition.



BADMOUTH - Heavy Metal Parking Lot

We are proud to announce the cooperation with Swedish band Badmouth, the band are now currently on tour with with Metal Legends W.A.S.P. across Sweden, Norway and Estonia. And that´s the trademark of Badmouth, to be on the road.

They shared stage with Gilby Clark of GNR fame, Cinderella, Gilby Clarke, Kingdome Come, LA Guns.

Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) played the song “Pedal to the Metal” from their debut on his BBC radio show. And their single “Blue Ribbon Days” was certified with a gold disc in Sweden.


MELODY CLUB - Let's Celebrate 2002 - 2012

Melody Club is one of Sweden's biggest pop bands and have played more than 700 big venues and festivals across Sweden and abroad. Among other things, they´ve been touring Europe supporting megastar Kylie Minogue.

Melody Club entered the big leagues in 2002, serving up huge hits like "Palace Station" and "Electric" and got dubbed "Abba with balls" by English music bible "NME". Since then Melody Club have continued to deliver number-one-chart-list-songs and successful radio singles. All in all they have released six full-length albums.


The SCAMS – Bombs Away

Swedish Heavy Metal sensation, The Scams are finally back with their new album “Bombs Away”! Recorded in Raw Studios and mixed by Rikard Löfgren (Deathstars, Vomitory, Sparzanza etc) at Lean Studios.

The response has been overwhelming and Germans biggest mag Rock Hard offered the band to participate on their sampler out now. The review will be in the next issue and the journos told us it will not be that bad….



I september släpptes albumet “Cursed Remain Cursed” på CD och LP, hyllat, dyrkat och sjukt bra!
Kolla in nya videon!!!



Svenska Babian skördar just nu grymma recensioner från landets alla tidningar. ”ETT AV FÅ SVENSKA SAMTIDSPOP/ROCK BAND MAN INTE KLARAR SIG UTAN” – Ikon 4/5
Det är bara att hålla med…..kolla videon!!!



MELODY CLUB - "Let's Celebrate 2002 - 2012"

Melody Club slog igenom med dunder och brak för 10 år sedan med supersingeln “Palace Station”. Sedan dess har de levererat radiohits som “Electric”, ”Fever Fever”, ”Destiny Calling”, ”Baby” för att bara nämna några.

Den 28 September släpper Melody Club samlingsskivan “Let’s Celebrate 2002 – 2012”” som innehåller bandets guldkorn genom åren samt helt nya spår som t ex senaste singeln ”Paralyzed”.


THERION - "Les Fleurs Du Mal"

Svenska bandet Therion bildades av Christoffer Johnsson 1987 under namnet Blitzkrieg men bytte till sitt nuvarande namn 1988. Från att i början vara helt inriktat på Death Metal-genren började bandet sin glidning mot att bli en mer avant garde-orienterad grupp med 1992 års Beyond Sanctorum. De två nästföljande albumen Ho Drakon Ho Megas och Lepaca Kliffoth var extremt experimenterande och bandets sättning varierade mellan varje skiva.


RIVAL SONS - " Head Down"

Rakt in på plats 6 på Sverigetopplistan!

Med sitt tredje album ”Head Down” går Sverigefavoriterna Rival Sons
rakt in på 6 plats på den Svenska Topplistan.

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