Borgerlig Begravning announce new album!

Sep 14, 2023 | Wild Kingdom

Borgerlig Begravning is the band that in just a few years has gone from being “Sweden’s youngest punk band” to having become one of the country’s most appreciated live bands in the scene.

The band consists of the cousins, Julian, Frans & Eddie, who after watching a gig with Jönssonligan & Asta Kask decided to start their own band. The first gig was as support for Jönssonligan. The guys quickly made a name for themselves in the Swedish Punk scene, and played with established bands like Asta Kask and Mimikry already during their first year as a band.After a handful of vinyl singles, the band released the debut album “Gör Vad Du Villnt”, and Borgerlig Begravning quickly became a favorite band for a new generation of punks.

Now it’s finally time for album number two. Together with Jugglo Wall, the band went into Kapsylen’s studio and recorded 12 songs. The title of the new album is “Parasit”, and with influences from bands such as Asta Kast, Bad Religion, GBH and Ramones, the band has made a record that will make people understand how good Punk can be.

Borgerlig Begravning has during the spring of 2023 toured together with Charter 77 & Köttgrottorna, where the young guys have consolidated their position as the breath of fresh air that Punk Sweden needs!

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