Moon-Woman, the first single from Xalpen’s upcoming album out now!

Jan 27, 2023 | Black Lodge

Black Lodge Records release Moon-Woman, the first single of Xalpen’s new full length album.

Time has finally come for Xalpen to unveil their first offering of their new album “The Curse of Kwányep”. Moon-Woman (Kre’-Naa) is a haunting tale of a mythological matriarch of the selk’nam mythology practiced in Tierra del Fuego. As always Xalpen brings their raw Black Metal sound, channeling ritualistic vibrations within the Black Arts and the spiritual voyage through ancient occult traditions and Moon-Woman (Kre’-Naa)  does not deviate from this unholy path.

Xalpen’s Alvaro Lillo/Tarem-Keláash on Moon-Woman
The idea behind and within Moon-Woman is to respectfully honor the great metamorphic spirit of Kre’ and the dark designs of the ancient shamans of the southern latitudes, recalling forgotten times and the memories of every Selk’nam woman slain by the hand of men in that mythical era of transformation (and epic legends), in order to intertwine comparative characteristics of their mythology with different ethnic groups, cultures, traditions and the occult aspects of different religions and magical currents .”

Listen to Moon-Woman: 

Black Lodge Records release Moon-Woman, the first single of Xalpen’s new full length album.Artists, Singles, VideosBlack Lodge