New album from Gatuplan – Välkommen till underjorden

May 12, 2023 | Wild Kingdom

The new album from Gatuplan – Välkommen till underjorden is released today!

GATUPLAN‘s new album “Välkommen till underjorden” (Welcome To The Underground) brings a wild mix of punk, power pop, ska and garage rock to 2023! It’s a logical musical progression from the 2021 debut “Kampen Går Vidare!” (The Struggle Continues!) where strong, catchy songs meets edgy lyrics – but turned up a notch this time!

With this album, GATUPLAN welcomes the listener to the underground – but what does that mean? The underground we’re talking about is the mirror image of the glossy version of reality that is force fed to us through TV, commercials and social media feeds. In the underground you’ll find the people who are needed to keep consumer society with a clean and polished surface, but who are not allowed to be seen or heard themselves. Everyone living from paycheck to paycheck while paying for the lifestyle of the 1 % – it’s for them

Inge Johansson comments on the focus track “Kom över”
I’ve been writing and performing songs about war, misery, injustice and class war from an outsider perspective since Totalt Jävla Mörker released our first EP about 25 years ago. And this is something that I will continue doing, because unfortunately the world we’re living in provides an endless source of inspiration for songs like that. And in the political punk scene – writing protest songs has always been a natural extension of the overall frustration that got us there in the first place, and a unifying call to arms. But we shouldn’t let that limit us from writing about other things and other aspects of life. Because I feel that topics like interpersonal relationships and love are way too important to be left out of a style of music that is based on so much expression and extrovert emotions to begin with.

With Kom Över, I wanted to write a straight forward punk rock love song – a song that deals with the fact that we all have been through heartache and pain but that there comes a time when you will forget all that. All of a sudden you’ll meet someone new that totally turns your world upside down and makes you feel alive and connected. It’s perhaps more a song about attraction, trust and allowing yourself to feel good in someone elses company – but there’s love in there as well. There will always be injustice and wars to write protest songs about, but if we don’t allow ourselves to celebrate the positive aspects of life I’m afraid we will only have things to fight against and nothing to fight for.

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The new album from Gatuplan – Välkommen till underjorden is released today!Albums, ArtistsWild Kingdom