Out now! Trench Dogs – Stockholmiana

Mar 3, 2023 | Wild Kingdom

It’s been a while but today Trench Dogs second album “Stockholmiana” is out!

It’s Friday and if a band could be one specific weekday then Trench Dogs would be Fridays.
What do we mean by that? Well they embody both the toe-tapping thrill and satisfaction of saying ”up yours” to the boss and colleagues when you leave work, the absolute energetic excitement and ecstasy of the first sip of your preferred drink when you finally get home or to the bar, and also that cold creeping feeling you get when as the night progresses, you know the weekend is already ending…

”Stockholmiana” is a groovy rock n’ roll album with songs that spans the human emotional spectrum and explore the tragedy and bliss of our strange existence.
The band expands on elements from their last album “Year Of The Dog” and the result is a record that mixes speedy rock n’ roll bangers with bombastic mid-tempo tracks that are big in all the right places and raw where they should be. Big backing vocals and drums complement melodic guitar riffs while still hitting hard with the energetic, boozy and unpolished attitude that has become the trademark of the band.
The short version of this was best summarized by Sweden Rock Magazine who called the album:  “Punky cobblestone glam” and we think it’s quite a fitting description.

The album was recorded at “Tilt Recording Studios” in Strömstad with studio engineer Max Dahlby, it was mixed by Harry Darling (of the band Bitch Queens) at Lux Studios in Switzerland and mastered by Al Scott in England whose previous work includes bands such as Dogs d’Amour, Stiv Bators, Michael Monroe etc.

The quintet consists of Australian born singer Andy Hekkandi, British rhythm guitarist Howard ”Spides” Chapman, as well as the three Swedish natives, Mattias Johansson on lead guitar, Daniel Ekholm on bass and drummer Martin ”Martini” Andersson.

Martini comments:” We set out to record an album that would tick all of the boxes for what we consider necessary for a great rock n’ roll album. Songs that are just plain fun and makes you want to dance, but also songs that can cut deeper and with more substance. We feel like we succeeded in that endeavour… But what do we know? Check it out and judge for yourselves!”

Buy and listen to Stockholmian here: https://orcd.co/stockholmiana

It’s been a while but today Trench Dogs second album “Stockholmiana” is out!Albums, ArtistsWild Kingdom