Quantum releases first single of their upcoming album.

Feb 23, 2024 | Black Lodge

Abstract Bliss – The first single of Quantum’s upcoming album is released today!


Quantum is a progressive rock band formed by bass player and singer Anton Ericsson, drummer Olof Simander and Guitarist Fredrik Reinholdsen back in 2016 and has since been playing in various line-ups live around Stockholm and Uppsala – with Anton being the constant member and songwriter. Influences are wide – spanning from romantic composers like Berlioz and Rachmaninoff to metal bands such as Mastodon & The Dillinger Escape Plan, to old school prog in the vein of Genesis and King Crimson.

Quantum’ music is characterized by a sound that blends music from genres across the spectrum – Prog rock, metal, late romantic era classical music and Jazz all collide – but somehow remains coherent and very captivating.

Anton from Quantum comments the single Abstract Bliss

Abstract Bliss is simultaneously one of the most accessible and also most spastic songs on the album. The combination of a catchy chorus melody, 19th century harmony and furious mathy riffs with nasty guitar leads in the bridge section makes for a fast-paced track that will hook you in and become better and better with each listen. It features both drummer Marcus Lundberg (verse) and me – bass player Anton Ericsson (chorus, bridge) – on lead vocals, and has some samples from published CIA documentations as well as a “Problem drinker”-infovid. Lyrically, it deals with heavy alcohol consumption, and how it affects the people drinking as well as the people close to them. I wanted to address the tendency that people can have to identify with their intoxicated self and hide behind it as a kind of mask.

Do yourself a favor and listen to Abstract Bliss here: https://orcd.co/abstract-bliss

Quantum releases first single of their upcoming album.Artists, SinglesBlack Lodge