REXORIA Signs with Black Lodge Records

Sep 14, 2022 | Black Lodge

REXORIA is signing a new record deal with Black Lodge Records. Releasing a new album in the beginning of 2023.

We are all happy to announce that REXORIA is signing with Black Lodge Records!

During the last years, which have been very strange due to Covid-19, the band has been working hard on their upcoming songs. Three years have passed since the latest album ”Ice Breaker” was released, and now the third REXORIA album is finally done – and ready to be launched!

The album contains even more melodic and catchy chorus, heavier guitars, punchy drums, and present keyboards than before. And finally, the voice from Frida Ohlin has more attitude and sounds greater than ever.

The new album will be released in the beginning of 2023.

Frida comments:
I’m not going to lie. These last years have been hard. Not being able to meet all of you amazing fans and doing what we love: Playing live music!
So not only the big relief that this now is history, but we also get to be totally stoked that a great label such as Black Lodge want to release our third album!

I believe this co-operation is just what REXORIA needs. With true professionals who understand the metal scene and business as it is today. This will make all the change to make sure that everyone notices this album!

With songs that go way beyond what we have ever done before is just the icing on the cake. I truly believe this will appeal to both our current fans and attract a new audience. So please get ready for a brand new REXORIA!

Jonas adds:
From the first written tone of the new album, I knew that this would be something special!

Frida and I have co-operated with the songs, and I truly believe that we have reached new heights with this album. Having the honour to work with Stefan Helleblad from Within Temptation, who have mixed the album, has been a real success.

And being able to release this album together with Black Lodge/Sound Pollution is a perfect match for REXORIA! To all old and new fans, this album sounds so fresh and modern, but at the same time we also have both heavier and some faster songs than previous albums.

Cheers and see you on the road!

Listen to REXORIA:

REXORIA is signing a new record deal with Black Lodge Records. Releasing a new album in the beginning of 2023.ArtistsBlack Lodge