The Curse of Kwányep, the second single from Xalpen’s upcoming album out now!

Feb 24, 2023 | Black Lodge

Black Lodge Records release The Curse of Kwányep, the second single of Xalpen’s new full length album.

It’s time for another beautiful and haunting step on the unholy ritualistic path that Xalpen has created for themselves. The second single “The Curse of Kwányep (Kwányep Chenen)” is now officially unleashed. Taken from the upcoming album “The Curse of Kwányep”. Prepare yourself for Xalpen’s raw Black Metal sound, channeling of ritualistic vibrations within the Black Arts and the spiritual voyage through ancient occult traditions.

Xalpen’s Alvaro Lillo/Tarem-Keláash comments on The Curse of Kwányep (Kwányep Chenen)
“Kwányep, the instigator of death, is one of the main Howenh or Hóowin (gods, shamans, or ancestors who inhabited the Earth during the mythic era) of the Selk´nam mythology. During the age of the Howenh, there was no such thing as death; in fact, mythological ancestors were immortal. As ancient legends tell, from the North sky Kwányep brought death to the earth, death as we know it, alluding to the time when he used his great power so that his older brother Aukmenk, at his personal request, could not revive. From that moment on, no one could wake up again after dying (as happened with the Howenh that entered a state of temporary death or dream/sleep to rejuvenate and wake up again). After the establishment of the true Death, Kwányep and his family rose to the sky and became stars, forming the constellation of Orion, being himself the brightest one, Betelgeuse. As the myth continues to say that Kwányep also decided to distribute the day and night equally, making the darkness last longer and longer, thereby giving the creatures of the night a growing place of development and freedom. This curse or transgressive intervention in the order established by a celestial creator marks the end of the mythological era and the beginning of the era of mortals.

** As a tribute to Lola Kiepja’s memory and the importance it had for the cultural and historical rescue of the Selk’nam traditions, we respectfully include in “the curse of Kwányep” a segment of the chant “Haín Koijn Hársho”, which is an interpretation of the feminine lament for the ritual death of the Klóketen at the hands of Xalpen, thus complementing the wrathful appeal towards that mythical landscape. Also, we include in this song part of the intro (K’yewé) that opens this new album and that is a reminder and a prayer to Kwányep, the instigator of death.”

Listen to The Curse of Kwányep: 

Black Lodge Records release The Curse of Kwányep, the second single of Xalpen’s new full length album.Artists, Singles, VideosBlack Lodge