Wormwood drops new album & lyric video

May 31, 2024 | Black Lodge

Wormwood drops new album & lyric video

Wormwood is undoubtedly one of the leading bands on the Swedish metal scene right now. The band now returns straight into the hot air to follow up the highly praised predecessors Nattarvet and Arkivet. Albums that made the band soar on the national charts and led to numerous nominations for prestigious awards.

The release of The Star, concludes the magnificent trilogy about death (Nattarvet, Arkivet, The Star). Nattarvet was about the grim famine that plagued the people in the 19th-century Nordic region. “Arkivet” focused on the inevitable downfall of mankind and The Star tells the story of the end of the universe. The Star is the most accurate, personal, and melancholic work in their discography to date. The album features all of Wormwood’s trademarks: serene passages, furious chaos, and heart-wrenching melodies.

There is no doubt that Wormwood musically has taken another big step forward, both in terms of songwriting and performance. Nothing is left to chance, and everything is refined down to the smallest detail, and this without sacrificing the bands unmistakable raw sound.

A future classic for sure!

Buy/Listen here: https://orcd.co/the-star

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